Origin Coffee Bar is now open along MLK in Savannah

What started as a mobile coffee bar in 2020 now has a permanent home in Savannah.

Origin Coffee Bar faced plenty of setbacks along the way but are now open for business.

Of course, aiming to provide a high-quality product but perhaps more important to them is the chance to be part of your origin story.

“We honestly, we just took a leap of faith. We sold everything we had. We sold our house and our car, and we just went for it. So, we moved to Savannah and started our journey with coffee,” co-owner Elise Higgins told WTOC during an interview back in 2022 when we first met Elise and Matt Higgins.

“When we first rented this space, it was completely empty. It was just a vanilla box space and we had to do the build out. Now, a year and a half to renovate a space like seems like a long time, it was. So much patience had to go into had to go into this,” Matt says.

A lot of patience and support.

“Thankfully family and friends came together and helped us with our Kick Starter to help pay for rent during that time while we were building out,” said Matt.

Helping to bring their dream and this historic part of Savannah to life.

“We are just so grateful to be part of the revitalization happening here along MLK in this West Broad community and the greater region here.”

A part of town and a building that already held a special place in both Matt and Elise’s lives.

“I used to live across the street from here in grad school, so, that’s part of our origin story too. Coming into here and having dates, that’s how our relationship started. The whole idea of Origin came to us from looking for a coffee bar for our wedding back in 2018. So, to be in this space now as Origin Coffee Bar it’s such a full circle moment for us,” Matt says.

Moments they hope others will now find here.

“Just making memories in this space and having this being a piece of their story, that’s what we dream it to be.”

A business built on dreams and a community that believed in them and now they simply want to return the favor.

“I keep saying it over and over again because I mean it, we’re just so filled with gratitude, to our friends, our family, to our neighbors who have helped us out. So, find the right people beside you and chase after whatever that is. We hope this space just breaths that into people as they walk in,” Matt says.

While they have been open for a little over two weeks their official Grand Opening will be this Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. and they’re inviting everyone to come celebrate with them.

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