Colombia Norte del Valle (Six Pack)

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Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Orange Peel, Blackberry Jam, Lime Zest
Rainforest Alliance™ Certified, Organic, Fair-Trade

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Beyond the Cup

Since 1963, the Cooperativa de Cafetaleros del Norte del Valle has been present in the region, providing economic, social, and environmental opportunities to the coffee community of Norte del Valle. They generate an impact on the more than 1,600 associated coffee-growing families, through direct access to their different services, programs, social investment projects, and job creation.

They have developed an environmental impact with their three protected forest areas, which add up to a total of 170 hectares located in the municipalities of Águila, Ansermanuevo, and Argelia. These forests are a water supply source for the municipalities’ rural areas and are the habitat of thousands of wild species.

Roast Level





1850 MASL


Castillo & Caturra

Suggested Brew Method

Espresso, Drip Coffee, Pour Over


Cooperative de Cafetaleros del Norte del Valle

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